Big Sushi Interview: Super Avalanche, Support Networks, and Deisgn Scope

Big Sushi just released an interview with yours truly!

You can listen it here:

For those of you unfamiliar, Big Sushi specializes in long-form interviews with developers. I had the pleasure of meeting them at PAX where we discussed doing an interview.

We recorded it a month ago and it turned out great! In it we cover everything from weddings, to Avalanche, to finding a support network as an indie-developer, and even learning to keep a realistic scope when creating game ideas.

Also in this interview:
The secret origin of the Avalanche marshmallow (is pretty stupid).

Avalanche 2 - Update Version 0.19

Hey everyone! Version 0.19 is now out!

I know it's been a while. I took a month off to get married and go on my honeymoon. It was amazing and a much needed break.

Still, I'm glad to be back now and working full steam ahead on new content for Super Avalanche. Here's some notes on the new version:

v0.19 Notes:
  • New enemies and boss above 1100ft
  • New song to accompany the new level
  • Modified jetpack
    • Wall jumping works for this powereup now
  • Added particle effects for enemy bullets
  • Added background decor for sunset level
  • Added new attack to chicken boss
  • Bosses use a new behavior system
    • The cyclops boss shouldn't get frozen in mid-air anymore.
    • Bird boss still summons too many minions blocks this will be fixed next update.
  • Fixed bug where blocks that weren't being hit would be damaged when hitting other blocks
Thanks to all the early adopters who everyone who have purchased the game while in beta. I hope you enjoy the new content and changes. If you haven't gotten a copy of Super Avalanche yet you can always get it at

Avalanche 2 - Update Version 0.18

Verson 0.18 is out!
(Now available to stand-alone and Desura users).

This update went through a lot of testing and development. The biggest addition is co-op mode which we introduced at PAX! Give it a shot and let me know what you think of it on the Super Avalanche subreddit.

v0.18 Notes:
  • PAX Attendees: If you got a secret code to unlock items it will work now.
  • Co-Op mode is finally here!
    • You can revive your partner by climbing an increasingly far distance.
    • If you die you can still help your partner by creating jump clouds.
  • You can unequip powerups while pausing
  • Gameover screen changes
  • Updated tutorial
  • Numerous minor bug fixes
  • Improved droping through platforms
    • You can drop through a platform as you fall towards it by holding down.
    • You can now drop through platforms with a pogo stick
  • Let me know about any bugs at the Super Avalanche Support Subreddit

The State of Super Avalanche (August)

Here's your monthly status update for Super Avalanche:

Last month the leveling system was added. It was designed to slow the introduction of new power-ups and make it easier for players to learn the game.  I plan to improve and refine it after 2-player mode has been added. Let me know what you think of it at the Super Avalanche subreddit.

My goal this month is to get everything ready for PAX and finish 2-player mode.

2 player will be a co-op mode where you and a friend climb the tower together. If one player dies the other will get a chance to resurrect them using an item unique to this mode. Players can help each-other by bouncing off of one another. They can also share power-ups and clear out baddies together. The number of enemies you encounter in this mode will be increased slightly.

Unfortunately there is a big glut of code I need to carve through to make this work. The game engine currently handles multiple players relatively well (with some camera glitches). The major stumbling block is that almost none of the content outside the core gameplay is designed for two people (menu systems, game hud, and gameover sequences, etc.). I have a plan to deal with this and should finish on schedule provided I don't encounter too many unforeseen problems.

Make sure you visit the Super Avalanche booth at PAX! Whether 2-player is finished or not; Will Seegers (musician), Eric (brother), my fiance, and myself will be giving away codes to unlock special decorative items to anyone who shows up!

Update v0.15 and Other Exciting News

Good news everyone!

There's been an update to the game. Oh my yes.

I managed to add the leveling up system! Completing missions now gives you experience which can be used to unlock power-ups. The more difficult the mission is the more experience you gain from it.

I realized with all the new power ups the game was becoming increasingly difficult for new players to learn. If I kept adding more power ups (which I intend to! ), then new players would continue to face an overwhelming onslaught of random items they had never seen before.

The leveling system currently restricts old power ups so new players only have to deal with 8 or so. If you were already playing the game this won't effect you. Older players are automatically set to max level. If you're an older player and you want to try out the leveling system you can always start a new file.

I also re-added an old power up: The Pogo Stick! It's pretty unwieldy but it lets you jump super high! It also has a new unique power: if you land in the lava with a pogo stick you will sacrifice the pogo stick and bounce off the lava! This trick is extremely useful in higher levels where the lava rises quickly.

Other updates involve the physics fix I mentioned in the previous post. Crushing physics make more sense now. I also fixed a check that allows you to drop down through platforms.

This update took a grueling last-minute rush to finish. I didn't sleep at all, so if there's any bugs I apologize. I was just so excited to get this update out in time for my next piece of news...

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche is part of the PAX 10!

I'm super excited. We're going to PAX! I'll be there along with the extremely talented Will Seegers who produced the music for the game. Other attendees representing the game will be my brother and my fiance who are there for logistics and moral support. It's going to be blast!

I'll post more updates about PAX as it gets closer. I hope to see you all there!

New Update v0.15 Coming Soon

Currently working on the next update. I'm changing a few things.

The first changes deal with the physics system. You should no longer get crushed because you got brushed lightly by a falling block. The new system now performs a check to see if the block touching your head covers at least 50% of your body. If it does not then it will force you out from under the block. It feels much more natural than the current system.

Similarly, I also fixed a minor bug where you were unable to drop down through wooden platforms if you were standing too far out on the edge.

To compensate for the decreased difficulty I sped up the lava ever so slightly.

The second set of changes are part of a leveling system that unlocks power-ups. This system may-or-may-not be ready by Monday. If it isn't then I will leave it out until the next update.

The system will give missions a new purpose. In addition to getting coins for completing missions you will also now earn XP. This XP will help you level up which unlocks power-ups. After new power ups have been unlocked they will begin appearing randomly in the game.

I feel like this system is important in smoothing out the learning curve for new players. Currently there are too many power ups for a new player to comfortably learn the game. This will become even more true as I add new power ups in the future.

- Chris

The Promo Video for Early Beta is Out!

The latest promo video for Super Avalanche is done! This will be the official video for the early beta version of the game. There is still a lot to come but I feel like it captures the essence of where the game is at right now.

It's on the front page of so it's pretty hard to miss. I shot and edited the video. Will Seegers created and composed the music.

I'll be posting soon with details about the next game update. I'm hoping to get it out by late Sunday or early Monday. 

- Chris

First Post!

Hey everyone, Chris here. It's brand new blog time!

This will be the official source for all things Beast Games! The main topic for the next few months will be my latest game: Avalanche 2 Super Avalanche! It's a extremely addicting platformer and the sequel to one of my most popular games: Avalanche. I am super excited to be launching this game. It's in beta and the latest version is currently available to anyone who buys it early. You can buy the game at at a discount for $5.99 (Regular price: $7.99) until it is out of early beta.

Other things that will be featured on this blog are product giveaways, announcements about new and upcoming games, coding rants, and posts about the art and industry of developing games.

Stay tuned!

- Chris

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