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Chris Peterson

 Designer     Artist    
 Entrepreneur    Programmer   

Founder of Beast Games LLC.


"Learning how to learn is life's most important skill"


Flash • OpenFL • Starling • CreateJS • Bootstrap • Unity3D • HaxeFlixel • SpineHaxe • MySQL • Amazon EC2


Flash Develop • Eclipse IDE • Brackets • Notepad++ • Photoshop • Illustrator • Adobe Flash • Spine 2D


Founder - Beast Games LLC.
Ran full-time for six years

PAX 10 - Top 10 Indie Games
Super Avalanche at PAX Prime 2014

+60,000,000 plays
Avalanche - Web Game (Recorded 2014)
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About Me

Versitile, Organized, Self-Driven, Developer & Designer
(Occasional Amateur Circus Performer)

What I Can Offer

I am a product designer, full-stack developer, and graphic artist with a passion for exploring how people interact with digital systems.

I have six years experience running my own development business, frequently adapting new skills/roles as needed. I am an organized, self-driven learner, comfortable working in cross-discipline, collaborative environments.

I offer experience and skills gained from working on twelve projects at Beast Games; web games, an award winning PC title, a mobile app, and two games designed for mobile (pending release).

Beast Games LLC.

Originally a side-project during college, Beast Games was the cullmination of a dream I'd had since childhood: to make games professionally.

Although my roles changed project-to-project, my responsibilities included design, programming, systems architecture, business development, and art direction across numerous projects.

I managed Beast Games from my home, occasionally working remotely with contractors, project partners, or publishers as needed.

Development Philosophy

My biggest challenge as a smaller developer was to create quality products with scarce resources on a reasonable time-scale. My aim was to find processes that allow for innovation & flexibility while keeping the development budget lean.

Initial planning is critical. When creating a project my main focus is compiling documentation, case-studies, and post-mortums from similar projects to craft clear, realistic, design goals.

After starting a project I prefer an agile-inspired, iterative approach. During early stages of a project, focusing on fleixble tooling and qualitative feedback allows for faster prototyping to refine and shape project scope and value.

As a product matures I transition to data-driven anaylitics to refine user experience and improve target conversions. Every project is unique, but with well defined goals informed by an organized body of knowledge gathered over the life of a project, development outcomes can be consistently high quality.

What I'm Looking For

Because of my experience, I am currently interested in any full-time design, software engineer, or project management positions (entry to mid-level).

San Francisco, CA • Sacramento, CA • Oakland, CA • Remote Available


A few projects I created or worked on recently. See more at